According with showbizspy http://www.showbizspy.com/article/215169/madonna-moving-back-to-england.html, madonna is moving back to england.

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bbc madonna premature obituary

I’ ve just seen the videos that say that Madonna is death. I know that BBC and other medias such as Sky and Fox have ready made obituaries for very famous people, maybe there is also a obituary for Obama. I know also that it’s not the first time that a previous obituary goes public.

I don’ like journalists, especially when they don’t say the TRUTH.
Especially when they are ready to sell news about the death of someone, Madonna, Obama or whoever.
So, fuck BBC.

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She is soooo nice! Like her mother, of course…

…and together they are awesome!!! That’s Style!

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Madonna gifs

An awesome collection of gifs dedicated to our Queen!!!

Find out more here

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Madonna directing E.W.

A short video showing Madonna on the set of her new film. She looks so nice and young also without make up!

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Madonna for Dolce&Gabbana, winter 2011 campaign

An exclusive backstage video preview and a couple of pics from Dolce&Gabbana winter 2011 campaign

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Madonna – Latte

A brand new demo from our Queen!
Maybe you remember awhile back hearing Timbaland talk about Latte back before Hard Candy came out.
Here is the just leaked demo and once again it features lyrics that we fans are very familiar with…. Madonna’s been cramming Lela Pala Tute into our ears for years now…

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